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这本书是关于什么的英语 (这本书是关于什么的用英语怎么写)

摘要: 怎样用英语介绍一本书 问题一:怎样用英语介绍一本书? 20分 This is a book telling about 'ske...


问题一:怎样用英语介绍一本书? 20分 This is a book telling about 'skelling'. Sometimes we saw them hanging around in the streets and beside the subways, but we actually havnt known them about what they have gone through and what have made them fall into this situatio揣. Now this book will tell u from their background, setbacks they have faced, thier psychology, their present situation,and the consideration for their futute, to give a close and deeply understanding about them. Through reading this book, i just want to call for the attention of the whole society, to show some sympathy, to give away some care, and at least , never look down upon them , 'cuz we r born equal and they also deserve the so-called respect that we are bearing in our mind. thanks .

这是我自己联想的一些东西,大概的一个概述吧,不知道和你的书内容想不想关, 但是感受应该还能差不多,呵呵 希望能帮上忙,望采纳!!!

我又仔细看了一下 你写的是skellig 呵呵 我以为是skelling呢, 理解错误了, 那我就不再继续写了, 就当是发表一下我对skelling 的内心感受吧 呵呵~~~

问题二:用英语介绍一本书 My favorite book is Harry potter .I think it is a nice and a funny book.It is good for us teenagers.

I like reading it because it is full of science fiction,it is easy to understand and it is the most funny book i have read.I have learned a lot from it.I know that as a teenager,we should be confident and brave.So as Harry.And we should love and protect our friends.We all need friends.We all need get along well with our friends.If i have the chance to learn some magic,i'd love to be a teenager like Harry potter.Flying and doing some magic tricks,that's my interest and that's the most important reason why i love reading Harry potter so much.

问题三:用英文简单介绍一本书, 《假如给我三天光明》:

In nineteenth Century two a character, one is Napoleon, one is Helen KellerAt the beginning of twentieth Century, a unique individual life with its brave shocked the world, she --- Helen Keller, a life in darkness yet brought light to mankind 's female, one through the 88 spring and autumn, but survived 87 years without light, silent, speechless isolated years of weak womanHowever, it is such a claustrophobic in blind deaf-mute world people, was graduated from the Harvard University de Cliff College, and all of life force of running around everywhere built a home charity, for the disabled benefit, is the United States for the United States in twentieth Century ten weekly revie弗s of big heroTo create this miracle, rely on a refuse to be cowed or submit heart, Helen accepted the challenges of life, with love to embrace the world, with amazing perseverance in the face of difficulties, finally in the dark to find the bright side of life, and loving hands reaching around the world.

问题四:用英语介绍一本书,简短的,名著,50字,60字左右 10分 百度作业帮是干什么的呢?让我来告诉你




My favourite book I enjoy reading different kinds of books, but Harry Porter is my favorite one. The story is very long but I am interested in it. Harry was such a brave and clever boy that he dared to fight against powerful enemies. His Z-shaped scar and magic stick brought me into a magical world. In fact, the fiction story is so meaningful that I can learn a lot from it. I think it's the best book I've ever read.

问题五:用英文介绍一本书(短一点的) 介绍的书名叫:the outsiders

The Outsiders is a ing-of-age novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1967 by Viking Press. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel, but did most of the work when she was sixteen and a junior in high school.[1] Hinton was 18[2] when the book was published. The book follows two rival g盯oups, the Greasers and the Socs (pronounced by the author as /so????????z/, short for Socials), who are divided by their socioeconomic status.

The book takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1965,[2] but it is never stated in the book.



问题六:IT人与电子商务有关吗 IT 是information technology


问题七:求用英语介绍自己喜欢的一本书,字数100词左右得了。简单一点的。 解决方案1:

A lot of people ask me which book is my most favorite one, and I always proudly answer them , which is all history about China.

This will be a long story for me to read this book. First time I touched this book is when I was 5 years old. My mother bought it to me as my 5-years-old gift. This is a really wonderful present to me,which is opening a history gate to me , a totally innocent boy. I almost forgot the dinner after I read the first page. From then on, I was the historist in my class and showed my knowledge from that book to my clas *** eates. When I became older and older, I knew more about it and feel more confident about my own China. I am proud that I am a Chinese and I will make more effort to build a more powerful country and let Chinese history more brilliant.

As me, this is the most important book in my life and now I still read it and recite some part of it. I think everyone should read it and get this wonderful experenice.


很多人问我是我最喜欢的是哪一本书,我总是骄傲地回答《五千年历史 ,中文全称为关于中国历史。

这将是一个长期的故事我读这本书。我第一次碰这本书是当我5岁。我妈妈买给我来说,都像我5岁的礼物。这确实是一个很好的礼物,这对我来说是开一个历史的门我,一个完全无辜的男孩。我几乎忘记了晚饭看完第一页。从那以后,我是在我的课上historist,把我的知识clas *** eates从那书给我。当我成为老的时候,我知道更多一点也会更具信心对自己的中国。我感到自豪的是,我是中国人,我必使更多的努力建立一个更强大的国家,让中国历史更加灿烂夺目。


These days, many people around me are discussing something on reading. They ask the mostis that “Which book do you like the best?” Like most of girls , I like reading fictions very much, especially on lo......



这本书讲述了关于......:This book tells the story about ... ....



This book writes about the issues regarding the Sino-Japanese War.

中文“抗日战争”的标准英文是"Sino-Japanese War",除非要特别翻译成带有偏激色彩的,可以Anti-Japan War

这是一本关于历史的书.This book is about ( )一词 英语

历史 history.